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TH&Stary Van Dam Starry
Ania Bartkowska

Indonesia is the 4th in terms of population country scattered throughout big space a little bit above Australia. It consists of huge number of islets and islands. Moreover, we can find there uncountable number of different nationalities, ethnic groups, languages and dialects (almost 600!). The flag is also interesting - amazingly symbolic and intriguing. Indonesia is country of origin of our next guest – Budi Satria.

This geographical introduction is not a pretext of boasting about the ability to use wikipedia. It results from the question we asked Budi.

Neso Art: Do you think place you currently live affects the way you create your art ;)?

Budi: Yes, I think the culture that you are used to will influence your art and design.

/It’s hard to disagree. It’s not only logical. There are some researches that clearly support the idea that place you live in has great impact on the way you think and perceive the world / 


/We stated also very unusual and surprising question about the inspiration/

NA: What/Who inspires you most? 

Budi: I am inspired by random objects. Internet is the best library.

NA: What kind of technique do you use/how do you create your artworks?

Budi: I draw on my computer directly using wacom tablet.

NA: Do you listen to the music while working?

Budi: I listen to the radio.

/Yeah... radio has to be really inspiring ;D/

NA: How would you define your art?

Budi: There are two types of design that I am currently working on: Surreal and Simple but colorful.

/... and a little bit insolent question:/
  NA: Is it possible to live by the art nowadays?

Budi: Of course.

/ short and specific ;) / 

NA: Do you have any interests besides art?
Budi: Art is my biggest interest for now. I spend my time mostly on looking at design, painting, reading art and designing blog, and browsing through endless inspiration websites like pinterest, fffffound or society6.

Sure – why get distracted!/

NA: Do you copy everything from your head to the paper or the idea changes while working on it?
Budi: It will change as I draw it. Some ideas look great in my head, but when I actually put them on paper (or on computer), I realize they are not that great and require tweaking.

NA: What artists are you currently following?

Budi: I do not follow anyone at the current moment

... yeah. It was quickie answer.

... and here even quicker:/

NA: Have you ever been to Poland ?

Budi: Nope

/and keeping up the momentum.../

NA: What is the Universe for you? :)

Budi: The place you live in.

NA: ...the place you will never forget?

Budi: My house I grew up in. I already moved out of that house years ago, but every time I dream about home I picture that house.


Those were all questions we asked Budi. We promise to create new ones ;) We’ve just made initial steps in this direction (we employed 30 people to work on the questions for artists).

Coming back to the art. It’s difficult to consider Budi's creativity in terms of classical artistry. It is clearly visible that the main goal is more design and commercial than artistic itself.

It has to present itself well on the wall, t-shirt, mug or whatever we think about.

Anyway, it is full of ease, style and ideas.

These are our feelings. If you have your own opinions just share them here or on our facebook profile.

You can also check Satria's website

 Thank you very much for attention.

TH&Stary Van Dam Starry
with help of
Ania Bartkowska

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