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Nicoletta Ceccoli - "To be in touch with my child-part"

THe&Stary Van Dam Starry
Justyna Wichrowska

"I used to work mainly on children's books ,this job became a way for me to stay in touch with my child part,I think it is important to keep in touch with our imagination that is the truest part of us"

Nicoletta Ceccoli.

In short, Nicoletta Ceccoli is San Marino born and raised artist. She's known mostly for her dreamlike paintings and lots of children's book illustrations which are widely appreciated and often awarded.

We tried to learn a little bit more about Nicoletta and her art.

Neso Art;  Nicoletta, can you describe your perfect working conditions? A perfect atmosphere, surroundings, most convenient part of the day or maybe of the year?

Nicoletta; I love to work in the early morning ,in printemps or summer when the sun rise early.that light make me feel my work ad if full of possibilities.

It's very interesting... Is there a relation between time of the day and creativity?

Have you heard of the 4pm stories? :)

The atmosphere emanating from Nicoletta's paintings is overwhelming. It’s definitely a very interesting mixture of elements which can be considered as completely opposite to each other.

Let's have a look at Nicoletta's favourite movies, as we’ve asked her about top 5 movies of all time.
Maybe it will get us closer to finding out what's on Nicoletta's mind ;)

(Nicoletta's order)

Brazil by Terry Gilliam

Almost Alice by Jan Swankmayer (this one blew my mind)


Red shoes by Powell and pressburger

Shining by kubrick

Audition by park Chan woo

The devils by ken russellct

Im impressed.  

Neso Art; ... and have you seen any interesting movie lately? Can you reccomend something?  

Nicoletta;  I recently saw 'the servant' a film by Joseph Losey r .I loved the tight construction Of it,the psychological tension, it texamin issues relating to power between the two main characters,very impressive.

Something about Nicoletta's technique and tools...

Nicoletta; I work in acrylics on paper or canvas mainly.I also created illustrations in plasticine and photography and in Photoshop.I Love to mix up with mediums.

Neso Art; What do you usually do in your free time?
Nicoletta; I use to go a lot to cinema and I like to walk by the sea

and the plans for the nearest future...?

Neso Art; What are you working on at the moment? 

Nicoletta; I am working on a show preparation for AFA gallery of new York.

And the bonus for goodbye ;*

But we'll come back to that later... ;)

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