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Alexis Marcou - "Eyes Open" (short interview)

TH&Stary Van Dam Starry

London based illustrator - Alexis Marcou is a great example of how you can do interesting art on the high technical level and in the same time do it for a living.
But there's also other side of the whole thing. Alexis also proves that huge companies like Nike, Cisco or BMW don't always have to hire graphics. They can can hire graphic artists.

Let us get you through Alexis's art...

nesoart: Alexis, can you tell us something about how your ususal day looks like?

Alexis: My daily routine involves designing all day and communicating with the outside world through the web. I also go for running. You might spot me running one day but you wont know who I am

As we said before Alexis cooperates with world's most renown companies. I was wondering if the initiative came from them or from Alexis...

Alexis: The cooperation with the companies I have worked until now was initiated by them.

Nesoart: Can you say something about cooperation with those companies? 

Alexis: I have met some very interesting and experienced creative directors that I have learned a lot from them.

Some time ago I've found an interesting interview with Alexis that he gave to abduzeedo.com. He said he uses Pink Floyd, Daft Punk, Mogwai and M83 as a reference. Interesting... 

nesoart: Did you have an occasion to take part in any live concerts of these bands? 

Alexis:  No I haven't taken part in any of these bands live concerts.

nesoart: Do you like the last Daft Punk album - Random Access Memories ?

Alexis: Very much. The album is ahead of its time.


nesoart: And what about Pink Floyd? Are you familiar with Storm Thorgerson the one who made album covers for them What do you think about his art?

Alexis: I think he is a smart artist. 

examples of Storm Thorgerson's "smartness"

nesoart: I guess you hear this question all the time :) Can you tell us a little bit about your technique, tools you use and media you like to work with?I

Alexis: I usually start by researching and by creating a first draft. In some occasions I use watercolors, charcoal, powder graphite and I finalize the design in Photoshop by using a digital tablet for refinement.


nesoart: are you able to tell how your technique developed to the current form?

Alexis: I suppose its something that happens gradually and naturally.

nesoart: What do you do in order to become a better artist?

Alexis: I do a lot of research and have my eyes open on new materials.

nesoart: Maybe you go to any exhibitions to inspire yourself?

Alexis: I don’t go to any exhibitions maybe I will someday soon.

nesoart: What are you working on at the moment? Any precised plans for the future?I

Alexis: I am working on a few projects for Nike and some new skis for Atomic.

I quess there was a moment in your life when you have wondered who you would be if you were not the person you are... Especialy if you are an artist ;)
For Alexis it's as much unclear as the meaning of the Universe...

Thanks and see you soon ;*

TH&Stary Van Dam Starry

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