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Mimi Scholz

THe Soul Reactor

Mimi is a Berlin-based artist who was surprised and amazed by endless opportunities of the digital world.

have a nice trip.

As she claims, she has roots in traditional art and animation. So we have interesting mix here: traditional  background and modern technology.
Initially she didn't think about being full time artist. It started to change slowly when her work was appreciated by more and more people, gallery-owners included. Now she's quite recognizable artist and has lots of exhibitions around the world.

Mimi works on Wacom Tablet but all her works are based on pencil sketches. So there are planned layer by layer with care for every detail. When the whole piece is finished, Mimi prints it on best quality paper and varnishes with an acrylic. What's interesting, the size of finished piece i huge - about 2 meters in lenght.

What Mimi tells us by her art?

"Mimi S. filled paintings are revealing dynamic stories which are told in many little details
sarcastically poking the cliches of the female psyche sexuality and beauty by showing
her "unpredictable women with an attitude“ bluring the lines between good and evil
ambivalent in sane and insane while pushing to the edge of total hysteria"

let's have a look:

 for more (((cklick))) to visit Mimi's page.

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