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Alexandre Orion - METABIÓTICA

THe Soul Reactor

Check out Alexandre's interesting project called "Metabiotica"

Alexandre Orion bases his urban street art from the  “pichaçao” (from niche, meaning tar) mark making aesthetic to search for greater artistic meaning within the cultural disparity in the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo.

Through photography and black aerosol can, Orion addresses the issues of Brazilian urban culture and living, with senses of horror, comedy, curiosity and social and environmental awareness. His contemporary means of urban intervention turns the day-to-day life of passers-by into moments of unsuspecting joy, anguish, elation and danger. In Metabiotics, his stenciled graffiti acts as a backdrop for a much larger conceptual ploy, as everyday people unknowingly interact with his animations and create a well-devised scene.

- Foley Gallery

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