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Salvador Dali - BIRD / Dali, he is pure Mediterranean!

THe Soul Reactor

Oil on panel with sand and gravel collage. 19 1/4 x 23 5/8" / private collection.

At the end of 1926 Dali broke loose from reality to become altogether fantastic. "Bird" is a painting which confirms it absolutely. It's a part of series in which we can see strong influence of Max Ernst. Especially in paintings like La Belle Saison.

Concerning Ernst's influence Dali Said: "It's not the analogies which afford interest but the dissimilarities, even if I used painting by Max Ernst. According to me, I perhaps take something of Max Ernst as a point of departure, but because of my Mediterranean heritage and my almost scientific side, I create with the elements torn form the soil of Cadaques - that is, from the Mediterranean - a bird which carries an animal inside it, a monster which has nothing to do with the lucubrations of the Germans".

La Belle Saison- Max Ernst.

In this painting Dali used oil paint on panel and Mediterranean gravel and sand that he glued to the surface of the picture. All the pictures made with this technique were painted in Cadaques:

Unsatisfied Desires - S. Dali

Female Bather - S.Dali

Big Thumb. Beach. Moon and Decaying Bird - S.Dali

In taped interview Dali said: "The luminosity of the rough part of the seashels from the grottoes of the Mediterranean gave birth to the grotesque, succeding in thus making the joyous light of its own roots and its most obscure branches burst forth. While the monsters of Bosch are the products of music, of the forest, of the gothic, of obscurantism, the grotesque figures in Raphael come directly from Pompeii, from humanism and Mediterranean intelligence; all the grotesque beings of Bosch are only a protest: it's the indigestion that the knights had upon returning from the Crusades. The grotesque figures painted by Raphael in the Vatican, on the contrary are the affirmation of this intelligence, of this humanism, a way of dominating the monsters. With Raphael it is the conguest of the irrational, while the monsters of Bosch are conquered of the irrational. There's the whole difference. And I myself am the anit-Hieronymus Bosch. Let us succeed in making monsters but may they be completely anstagonistic and dissimilar! Dali, he is pure Mediterranean!"

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