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Silvia Cordedda - Zoomed In Forever

TH&Stary Van Dam Stary

Today we'd like to present short interview with interesting artist and - in the same time - charming person from Italy. Ladies and gentlemen.... Silvia Cordedda.

NESO ART: What's the country of your origin and where do you live right now ?

Silvia Cordedda:
I was born and raised in the same place, which is a small town in Tuscany (Carrara). 

NESO ART:  Do you think, place you currently live affects on the way you create your art ?

Silvia: My place has certainly a special bond with art, because of its marble, but I don't think it affects my "art" in any way for now.

NESO ART:  What/Who inspieres you ?


 -My fractal fellows on deviantART are an inextinguishable source of inspiration. I'm always amazed by some pieces sometimes I go and stare at them for few minutes, trying to guess what's behind them. I'm also inspired by nature, I tend to make "realistic" places or things in my fractals.

NESO ART: Do you listen to music while you work?
Silvia Cordedda:
-Not lately, even if I give song titles as names to my fractals very often. 
Anyway, I like indie and disco music.

NESO ART: Most of your artwork are fractals shown i interesting way. Why fractals?

Silvia Cordedda :
There's not a particular reason behind this choice...I tried fractals for a while and it kinda worked. I tried other medias (like photography), but I got bored after some time. Instead, fractals never annoy or bore me. They're a bit tiring, but they give me a lot of satisfaction in different ways.

NESO ART:  Do you think, Mandelbrot Set can be inspiring ?

Silvia Cordedda
-Well, an image that can be zoomed in forever and still gives you interesting details can be nothing but inspiring! Many fractalists use the Mandelbrot set to create their fractals, although this is not my case (I've never thought of putting it into one of my pictures).

NESO ART:  How would you define your art ?

-I really have no idea. It's certainly nothing definitive (and I think it will never be). I hope to learn more things to make even better fractals, but I know I will never be fully satisfied. Maybe this is a way to grow up as fractalist (well, I hope so!).


NESO ART: Do you have any interests besides Art ?

Silvia Cordedda 
-I like videogames and hanging out with friends, typical things for a 22 years old girl. I like to travel and visit new places, studying languages (although I'm studying something completely different at University), playing videogames and watching tv series. 


NESO ART What artists are you currently following?

 Silvia Cordedda 
-Apophysis, UltraFractal and Mandelbulb3D fractalists and many other visual artists on deviantART and some youtube personalities (which I consider artists, because making people smile and laugh is a sort of art).

What is the Universe to you :D

Silvia Cordedda :
-I think I'll skip this question, because there are like a million possible answers!

 NESO ARTThe place you will never forget.

 Silvia Cordedda :
-Paceville in Malta, I really had a great time over there.

NESO ART: What is your favourite movie and actor ?
Silvia Cordedda: 
-I don't have a favourite actor, but I have two favourite movies (which are so different from each other): The Blues Brothers by John Landis and The Shining by Stanley Kubrick. The Blues Brothers makes me laugh everytime I watch it (I've been to the replica in theatres last year, for the anniversary), while The Shining...well, I have no words to describe it, I find it simply awesome! 

oooook, that's it. Thank you for reading. 

Feel free to share!

If you want to see moore Silvia's fractal art or contact her just click here

TH&Stary Van Dam Stary