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"Such a strange set" Dasha Pilska - Interview

THe&Stary Van Dam Starry

Few months ago we conducted interview with young Ukrainian artist - Dasha Pilska. Currently whole world's eyes are turned into terrifying events in Ukraine. Fortunately things are getting better. We hope everything will be fine and people stop that fucking bloodshed.

It's occasion to remind everyone that there are more important things than shoot to each other on the street. People!  "...you can learn how to play the game, it's easy. All you need is love"

Neso Art: Dasha, you're Ukrainian. Do you still live there?  
Dasha: Yes, I was born in Ukraine and currently living here.

Neso Art: Do you think that place may affect somehow on the way you create?

Dasha: I don't think that my place affects my art, at least now.

Neso Art: Do you like the place you live in ?

Dasha: Yes, definitely. But if to speak about the country as a whole, I would really like to make it better. 

Neso Art:  Your greatest inspiration?

Dasha: Nature at first. I like to take images for new works from the surrounding.

Neso Art: Do you listen to music during artistic work?

Dasha:  Recently I don't listen to music while working and work in silence. (maybe I'm getting old?:))

/ we think there are harder symptoms of getting old than not to listening the music. For example hangover after two beers :D - so don't worry Dasha - you're not getting old ;) / 

Neso Art: How do you choose subject for your works?

Dasha: Subjects usually appear on their own, without my influence

Neso Art: Do you find that your work typically comes out as you saw it in your mind’s eye or does it change as you are translating it to the page ?

Dasha: It changes. Sometimes as a result it's got completely different picture than intended. And often the main difficulty is to make the picture exactly like you have conceived it.

/yeah,  like in real life ;) /

Neso Art:  Do you have any interests besides Art ?

Dasha: Yep 

/ briefness proper for true Spartan ;) unfortunately we didn't find out what are these interests /

Neso Art: Can you acquaint us with the process of your work?

Dasha: I usually use paper and a pencil, and a little post-processing in Photoshop.Occasionally happens that I use ink or watercolor

Neso Art: What do you think about using modern technology, especially programs like photoshop that you mentioned to create art? Would you agree with the opinion, that using such things to create art is recourse to art itself ?

Dasha:  Modern technology has opened up new opportunities for the arts. I think they don't spoil or improve it, just give the new areas of creativity.

Neso Art: Have you ever been in Poland ? 

Dasha: Yep I liked it

/ for those who don't know, Poland and Ukraine are neighbours. Our citizens often visit their countries and exchange experience on many different areas ;) /

Neso Art : Do you remember your first painting or drawing ? How did you start ?

Dasha: It was in early childhood, just always loved to draw.


  Neso Art: Do you like classic art ? Any Favourite classsic painters?

Dasha:  I'm a fan of classical arts. Mikhail Vrubel probably the most beloved of classics. I love the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, artists of the Renaissance and also Salvador Dali (such a strange set)

/ we love strange sets ! / 

Neso Art: Do you think it's possible to do art for a living nowadays ?

Dasha:  I hope so

Neso Art: What is the Universe to you?:)

Dasha: For me, the universe is a place where a lot of incredible events and other cool things that do not even notice if humanity randomly disappear.

Thank you very much for your attention.

For more Dasha's art you can visit her behance profile 

and once again remember ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! ;)


TH & Stary Van Dam Stary

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