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Carne Griffiths - "Release and a solace..." Quickfire Interview

THe&Stary Van Dam Stary

We've just made "quickfire" interview with Carne - very interesting artist from UK. It was quite difficult to catch him up. He's very busy man but fortunatelly he could find few minutes for us to answer some questions.

Have a nice trip with Carne Griffiths

Neso Art: You're from Liverpool but living in London, correct ? Which place is better for artistic creativity Liverpool or London ? 
Carne: They are both inspiring places, I have made all my artwork in London but I studied in Liverpool - so I'd say the ideal is to have the combination of both 

Neso Art:  What do you like the most and what you don't like in the place you currently live in ?
Carne: I have access to the most amazing cross cultural influences on my doorstep.  Sometimes it's a little chaotic, noisy and removed from nature.

Neso Art: You've said you're heading to Hong Kong. Vacation ?:)  Have you ever been there before ?
Carne: I've just got back - my solo exhibition 'Invisible Lines' is running at Above Second Gallery - curated by the fantastic Coates and Scarry

/ very good gallery and interesting art. We're sending a link here /  

Neso Art: Do you listen to music while you work? If yes, what kind / genres you like the most ?
Carne:  I like to keep new music on the go - I'm using Deezer at the moment and it's suggesting some great new tunes based on what I listen to... Loving the new Fuck Buttons album Slow Focus

Neso Art: What or Who inspieres you the most?
Carne: My Wife and Children have the greatest influence on my daily practice.

Neso Art: Do you find that your work typically comes out as you saw it in your mind’s eye or does it change as you are translating it to the page ?
Carne: My work grows on the page - I normally have no idea how a piece will turn out

Neso Art: How about other interests? Do you have any beside art?
Carne: Yes I enjoy music & cycling

Neso Art: Are there any artists you're currently following ?  Do you own or collect work by any artists?
Carne: I have originals by Dan Baldwin & George Morton Clark and prints by Marco Mazzoni and David Bray.

Marco Mazzoni

David Bray

Neso Art: Can you tell me something about your technique ? How it developed to the current form ?
Carne: My work grew out of an experimentation with unusual liquids, first brandy, then tea.  I used this to build up a confidence with colour.

Neso Art: The Place you'll never forget.
Carne: Kawerau New Zealand

Neso Art:  What do you think about Jackon Pollock's art?
Carne: Filled with energy

Neso Art: What are you working on at the moment? 
Carne: A huge piece for the 2014 London Art Fair

Neso Art: Do you like classic art ? Any Favourite classsic painters?
Carne:  I love the work of Andre Masson... (below)

 Andre Masson

Neso Art: It's great idea to use your art as a guitar decoration. Where did this idea came from ?
Carne: I met a guitar maker at West London Art factory through a mutual friend and gallerist, Jewel. I was surprised that the materials I use worked on the bare wood.

Neso Art: What is art to you ?:)

Carne: A release and a solace

Neso Art: What's universe to you? 

Carne: Unfathomable

Thank you Carne once again for your time. It was pleasure to "know" you and your art;)

If you want to see more Carne's art you can visit his:



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Cheers! THe&Stary Van Dam Starry

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