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Berndnaut Smilde - The Nimbus Collection

TH&Stary Van Dam Starry

Imagine a cloud, floating in your room... I guess it would be the most mindblowing room in the world. Dutch artist  Berndnaut Smilde created series called "Nimbus" in which he shows empty rococo rooms, gothic cathedrals, and abandoned factories filled with floating clouds.

How it's done?
Berndnaut uses fog machine to produce little clouds inside rooms. He has to pay strong attention to temperature and humidity which is quite difficult, especially in huge interiors. Another difficult thing is to shot a photo in a correct moment as the nimbuses are visible for only a few seconds. Not to mention about the lighting stuff. 

you can follow the process here:


The Nimbus series is just a part of  Berndnaut's work. He creates multidisciplinary art that contains installations, performances and scultpures.

few examples:


For more, check out Berndnaut Smilde's website

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