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11,5 questions to Anna Dittmann

TH&Stary Van Dam Starry

"As a child, my first canvases were the walls of my bedroom and it’s been a strange, fantastic ride ever since."

Let's have our 11,5q ride with Anna Dittmann - young Savannah based digital illustrator.

nesoart: Tell us a bit about the place you currently live in

Anna: I currently live in the beautifully quaint city of Savannah, Georgia. I had never visited the Southern US. Before beginning art college three years ago, and the bipolar, humid weather took some getting used to. There are trees draped in Spanish moss everywhere and it’s lovely when flowers bloom in spring. 

Savannah - the say it's the oldest city in the US.

nesoart: Most interesting places you’ve ever been to?

Anna: I haven’t traveled much, unfortunately (hoping to remedy that soon)! But I used to go camping in Yosemite national park with my family and the sights there are amazing.


nesoart: Your top artists of all times.

Anna: Since I’m inspired by a combination of realism with decorative elements, I love Mucha and Klimt’s use of pattern contrasted with a rendered figure. 

Alphonse Mucha
Gustav Klimt

I also find that Bouguereau and Sargent capture the human form in a beautiful way. I love Egon Schiele's more experimental, figural style as well.

nesoart:  Your top movies of all times.

Anna: Hmm I really like animated movies. I grew up with Tarzan and Mulan, so they sum up my childhood (plus awesome soundtracks). Most recently I’ve been really fond of How to Train Your Dragon. And pretty much anything Pixar. On a different note, nothing beats Christmas, so the French film Joyeux Noël is a favorite.

check out Joyeux Noël trailer. Must see this movie!

nesoart:  Your top musicians or bands of all times.

Anna: It mostly depends on my mood – right now I enjoy listening to French music as I paint. I love movie soundtracks (the Frozen and Prince of Egypt soundtracks have recently been playing nonstop). I tend to gravitate to more upbeat, happy songs.

nesoart: The most annoying thing to you?

Anna: Having an artist block is definitely annoying. Though one of the best feelings is finally breaking past a dry spell. Also mosquito bites.

nesoart: 3 lessons / advices for beginning artists

Anna: My general advice is: Draw every day, even if it’s just a little sketch. Figure out the aspects of your favorite pieces you are attracted to, as well as what you personally enjoy creating. Combine these inspirations, and your own voice will emerge. Explore the possibilities. Gather an online presence, get your work out there, and never stop making lots of wonderful things (whatever that may mean to you).

nesoart: websites you like to visit

Anna: For art sites I like: devianart.com, behance.com and tumblr.com (good for procrastination as well). I generally frequent baking and television blogs as well.

nesoart: How would you describe your art to a blind person?

Anna: Most of my work consists of portraits, because I enjoy depicting characters and emotion. Ethereal and atmospheric environments have always appealed to me because the sense of mystery they evoke, so I tend to create pieces with a combination of graphic and realistic elements. I have a love for nature and biology which are recurring themes throughout my work.

nesoart: What did you do lately for the first time?

Anna: I ate a cricket. It was quite good.

nesoart:  Who would you probably be if you weren’t an artist?

Anna: In high school, I was really interested in science. I think I would have focused in marine ecology or even entomology. I enjoy working with children as well, so it might have been fun to have been a school teacher. I’m not sure exactly, but art is definitely where I want to be right now!

11,5:  What is the Universe to you?

Anna: That’s a pretty deep question! I guess it’s a strange and wonderful place.

That was Anna Dittmann. If you like her work, you can see more on:


 also check out neso facebook profile

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