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What does the Universe mean to you? Artist's answers - part1

TH&Stary Van Dam Starry

It's not easy to be an artist. Besides of usual routine like trying to sell art, attending on exhibitions or just being weird, artists got to deal with interviews. Sometimes with borring, strange and stupid questions. What are your inspirations, what is the meaning of art, why black not red etc, etc...

In our interviews we used to ask artist some weird questions too. We have one special question we aked every artist we interviewed. When I look at sometimes very interesting answers I think to myself: Maybe it's not so stupid question at all ;)

What does the universe mean to you? - let's have a look at some interesting answers....

Sarolta Bán / Hungary

answered: "This is a good question, can't find the correct answer at the moment.:)"

Daniela Uhlig / Germany

answered: "Ha, pretty big!  I still hope that aliens will kidnap me.... of course really smart aliens... and they will build up a new civilization with me and Ryan Gosling."

Maja Wrońska / Poland

answered: "Galactic is on Orion’s Belt with these balls from ‘Men in Black’. The second association is pink creature from ‘Time is the Simplest Thing’."

Ted Vasin / Russia

answered:  "Liquid painting."

Devin Francisco / USA

answered:  "Fear and inspiration."

Jeff Langevin / USA

answered: "Scary, fascinating, big."

Loui Jover / Australia

answered: "A universe to be drawn in ink"

Christophe Vacher / France

answered: "The big thing we will finally commune with when we leave this plane of existence :)"

Kasia Pawlak / Poland

answered: "It’s a home, a part of me. A mystery"

Pascal Campion / USA

answered: "Amazing"

Yeah, it was the first part. Soon more.

ps. And what does the universe mean to YOU ?:D

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