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Ted Vasin - "Liquid Painting" - Interview

TH&Stary Van Dam Starry

- Who would you probably be if you were not an artist ?

- A zombie.

Have a look on our short interview with Ted Vasin - Moscow native artists living currently in San Francisco.

have a nice trip.

neso: What you've been doing today?

Ted: Moonwalking

neso: quite like me :) As we know, you're from Russia. Did you visit your country recently?

Ted: A few years back

neso: what are the main differences you see between Moscow and San Francisco?

Ted:  Freedom and grass. Here, for example, when your stash is low, you can go to a dispensary and get best shit in the world. In Moscow, you have to meet someone at the Metro station and trade an arm and a leg for garbage.

neso:  You studied at Moscow Art College. Can you tell us a bit about that period? Do you feel that education shaped the way you see art?

Ted:  Actually, it was the Moscow Regional  Mental Hospital № 20 in city Dolgoprudny where my artistic taste began to take shape.

neso:  What other artists influenced you the most in your life?

Ted:  My friend Serge Tretiakov

2 pieces of Serge's art:

neso: Can you recommend us some artists you recently followed?


Ted: Ricster Ironhouse, Ohto Manner, Zanlamin Catacomb and Petkas Blackwood

neso: guess we should search them on some other planet or maybe somewhere in your head. Do you own any pieces of other artists?

Ted: I have pieces by Serge Tretiakov, and a small drawing by Aaron Johnson which I traded for my worn adidas socks.


neso: hope it was a good deal ;)


neso: Can you guide us through your creative process? Do you need to have any specific conditions around you to get the highest creativity?

Ted: I need electricity to plug in my Volcano and internet connection to stream Last.fm

neso: so what kind of music do you like the most? Any favourite bands?

Ted: Schangteizegag , Voices And Bugs , Get Hammered, UX.

Let's have a closer look:
(fasten your seatbelts or just get high)


neso: As we are near music, let's talk about as you call it:  “sound”. Is there any specific thing you wish to say through those sounds?

Ted: Not everyone is digging my music. 

neso: Not everyone is able to stand such eruption of noise ;) What equipment do you use to create your music?

Ted: I’ve got a few synthesizers here but lately I only been using handheld Korgs - kaossilator2 and  mini kaoss pad2. I take them with me everywhere I go.

neso: where do you think  a creativity comes from?

Ted: Headquarters. 

neso: What tools do you usually use to create your art?

Ted: My PC, and my painting set up: the easel, brushes, you know the usual.

neso: Tell us 3 lessons you believe are really important for every artist

Ted: Drawing, painting and composition.

neso: Who would you probably be if you were not an artist ?

Ted: A zombie.

neso:  The place you'll never forget

Ted: The immigration jail in San Pedro, California.

neso: Most amusing and annoying thing to you

Ted: Bugs.

neso: What is the Universe to you?

Ted: Liquid painting.

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