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Andy Denzler paintings

THe Soul Reactor

Swiss born artist - Andy Denzler created his own desolated, nostalgic world, filled with pulsating energy of gestural abstraction. Feel free to enter into his private, psychological realms.

Andy's paintings may look like frozen moments in time, sort of paused movie. Both with photrealism and action painting it defines his unique style.

He says: I’m principally concerned with addressing time and evoking a narrative through composition, light, and motion,” 
“I depict time by applying a filter of blurred movement.”

Andy uses wet-on-wet technique and it is through this fluid physical process that he achieves filmic motion; the challenge is to accelerate and decelerate the consistency of the paint while working rapidly. Denzler incorporates sudden movements that generatemoments of interruption, resulting in a rewardingly rich texture that protrudes out of and recedes into the image itself.

For more cklick to visit Andy's website

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