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"Justified" - Maja Wrońska ( Interview )

TH&Stary Van Dam Stary
Ania Bartkowska

Maja Wronska has been found on the Internet by our friend who cooperates with Neso Art. He contacted her in order to get permission to publish her pieces of art on our facebook profile. When I was looking at her works – diving into this amazing world of colours – I was struck by one thought: we have to do the interview!

I was absolutely pleased when, instead of question-answer form, Maja proposed conversation. During the interview we weren’t strictly following the path of art. We strayed and discussed matters I did not suppose to discuss ;) Enjoy – interview with Maja Wronska!

/ We started with the most common question artists are usually asked – inspiration! We feel obliged to assure you that inspiration doesn’t have to be connected with art. /

Maja Wrońska:  It’s very hard question. I must admit that it is the first time I’m taking part in the interview in Polish. My drawings are strictly connected with the architecture so, for sure, architecture is my inspiration. I started to draw ‘seriously’ during the drawing course on my studies. It was the way I spent my weekends and evenings at high school. When I started to study I gave drawing a miss. Then I realized that I had missed it very much. It’s a little bit strange but when Friday or Saturday morning is coming I feel the need of drawing. I think that my inspiration is the specific time in the week connected more with the routine than with some extravagant inspiration. Sometimes when I see a building or its photo I think: O! It’s great. I need to draw it.

Neso Art: Your studies are connected with the artistic activity, aren’t they?

Maja: I study Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology. It’s connected with artistic activity but it is different than painting or drawing. There are drawing and painting courses during the first two years but that’s all. We prepare architectonic projects but artistic activity is limited to designing nice architecture or making boards.

Neso Art: Is there a city you like most because of its architecture?
Maja: Yes, Venice.
Neso Art: Why Venice? :)

Maja: It has specific, unusual atmosphere. Nothing there is pompous or out of scale. I think it’s really nice while perceiving it. I think I would like Chicago and NY but I cannot be sure – I’ve never been there. 

/As I mentioned at the beginning our conversation was casual so I won’t order it – you will be able to feel this climate./

Neso Art: I would like to go back to what you said earlier. You said that it was the first interview done in Polish. What may be the reason for this? Does it mean people in Poland are not interested in art?

Maja: I’m not especially active if it comes to Polish forums or websites devoted to art. When I put something there I have always a lot of ‘hates’ such as ‘o, it’s so distorted’, ‘there are 7 windows, not 6’ and things like that. Once I tried digart but soon I was bored with it – people intentionally hated me there. Situation like this doesn’t appear on foreign forums – people there don’t waste their time for ‘hating’ someone. When they’re interested in something, they write nice things.

Neso Art: Very interesting. Personally, I also don’t have nice memories of digart :) It’s a long story and I won’t describe it fully. In short: one person from digart accused us of taking advantage of other artists’ works :D He should get award for being an idiot.

Maja: On deviantart I had once 4dd. Although digart is 100times bigger Internet portal, I’ve never been granted there a privilege like this. I was banned instead (when I ticked moderator off) :D

Neso Art: Do you listen to the music while creating your works? What kind of music is it? Have you got your favourite bands?

Maja: Yes, I always listen to the music while working. I was keen on stoner rock, Qots, Radiohead, Brant Bjork. Now I listen mainly to the music from serials. 

Neso Art: Any examples?

Maja: ‘Girls’, ‘Justified’, ‘Grey's Anatomy’, ‘Vampire Diaries’, ‘True Blood’, ‘Elementary’.

Neso Art: So generally – guitar music ;) Do you often go to concerts?

Maja: I’ve been to several but not this year. This year I’m focused on my diploma.

Neso Art: Do you remember any concert especially?

Maja: I remember concert of Brant Bjork in Wroclaw. I really wanted to go to the concert of Queens of the Stone Age but we weren’t lucky to buy the tickets. O! Black Label Society – amazing!

Neso Art: It’s interesting coincidence because a few days ago I started listening to it. It’s outstanding! ;)

Maja: I recommend ‘In this River’. It’s my favourite one. 

Neso Art: Do you think the music you are listening to while e.g. painting, influences the final effect? For example by building some emotions?
Maja: No. (after a while...) I mean, I don’t know. I was creating my best watercolour presenting Brooklyn Bridge while listening to ‘Call Me Maybe’.

Neso Art: Hehe, it may be the reason for these lively colours.
Maja: There are dark blue and beige – full chill. Lively colours are for example in San Francisco – I was listening to the music from ‘Justified’ while painting it. 

Neso Art: Have you ever seen ‘Breaking Bad’? :D
Maja: It’s the same if you ask me whether I have drunk cola... ‘Breaking Bad’ has something that makes guys like it. My boyfriend loves it. I can recommend also ‘Killing’, ‘Bridge’ and ‘Big Bang Theory’.

Neso Art: Have you got your favourite artists? Are you inspired by any of them? Do you follow the effects of their work?
Maja: Honestly, I always say that I liked impressionists but in reality I like some of the people from deviantart... e.g. Pascal Campion, Kevin Wada, Jordi Labanda. I really like luxigon. I don’t know whether they’re artists but sometimes I’m really impressed with what they do.

Neso Art: Do you organize exhibitions of your artworks? Is it possible to see them somewhere?
Maja: I had two exhibitions but there were two prints and one original – Siena. I don’t plan more exhibitions. 
Neso Art: Do you think using tablets, computers and new technologies instead of traditional techniques means regress to art?
Maja: No, I consider new technologies as different tools – not regress. Sometimes I’m more excited with some visualization than watercolours. If it comes to tablets – undoubtedly Szymon Biernacki is a great talent. 

/Since we cannot disagree we hope to present Szymon’s artworks soon./

Neso Art: While painting/drawing do you try to reflect exactly what is in your mind or you do not know what the final effect will be?

Maja: I know exactly.

Neso Art: Do you sometimes let yourself go so the whole idea is changed?

Maja: I paint on the basis of photos and I take it that here will be purple and there orange. I let myself go when I was painting Queensboro Bridge, but the reason was different.

Neso Art: Different reason?

Maja: Too much Pina Colada. Fortunately it wasn’t champagne like in ‘Miłość na bogato”.

Neso Art: Have you got any other interests, despite art? Hobby – something you devote your time to...?

Maja: I play sometimes ‘Age of Empires’ but I think my only hobby is watching serials. It’s stupid to write about it.

Neso Art: Place you will never forget...?

Maja: Place such as sofa or city?

Neso Art: Sofa. Great :D

Maja: So it is probably my hairy chair on which I sit putting my legs on a dustbin. I spend hours like this using computer.

Neso Art: And city?

Maja: Venice. I’m horribly monothematic. We’ve been going there with my parents for many years and I think I’ll never be bored with it. Poznan is nice. I’ve been there several times and I like it. There is a nice cafe with pierogi – ‘U Babuni’. 

Neso Art: Maybe one day I’ll get there ;)


Maja: I like eating. 

Neso Art: ... what about cooking?

Maja: I like cooking but only when I don’t have to do so. I don’t cook if I have to. I bake amazing cakes e.g. American carrot cake or chocolate joy of life from 12 bars of chocolate.

Neso Art: Wow! Baking is a kind of mystery for me so congratulations! :)

Maja: It’s fantastic, really. And I can make soufflés – with liquid inside.

Neso Art: Ok Maja, the last question. What is the universe to you ?

Maja: OMG! I’ve got only first association.

Neso Art: In spite of appearance this questions is not as stupid as it seems to be. :) C’mon – first association.

Maja: Galactic is on Orion’s Belt with these balls from ‘Men in Black’. The second association is pink creature from ‘Time is the Simplest Thing’.




The question about the universe – whatever it is – ends our interview.

We would like to invite those who are interested in Maja Wronska’s art to visit her facebook profile  and deviant art profile.


TH & Stary Van Dam Stary.
Special thanks to Ania Bartkowska ;*




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