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Hungarian Sky - Sarolta Bán - Interview

TH&Stary Van Dam Stary

It's quite common scenario. People have their passions, interests and jobs. They devote their time to develop that things and they are getting better and better. And then... it turns out that there's something else, something new and something that can replace current passions. Did you experienced something like this by yourselves ? Our new guest - Sarolta Bán can say she had.

Neso Art:  What's the country of your origin and where do you live right now ?

Sarolta: I'm from Budapest Hungary and I still live in here. :)

NesoArt: Do you think, place you currently live affects on the way you create your art ?

Sarolta:  Yes the place affects the way I create art, but I can't tell why. :)

NesoArt: So I guess you like the place you live in ?:)

Sarolta: For sure. :)


NesoArt: Sarolta, What/Who inspieres you the most?

Sarolta:  My inspiration is coming from everyday happenings in my life, or happenings in lives of others around me. Often existing images of mines start a new story which helps my inspiration.
There are various artists, photographers who I admire. Here are two for example (but of course I have many other favourites).

- Chema Madoz

- Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison 

NesoArt  Do you listen to music while you work?

Sarolta:  A few years ago I couldn't listen to any music, because my computer was so slow. I got used to this and I create my pictures in silence, but otherwise I love listen to all kind of music.

NesoArt: Is there any reason you choose that subject of your artwork ?

Sarolta: It works in intuition basis, there isn't any specific reason behind it.

NesoArt: Do you have any interests besides Art ?

Sarolta: I like to design jewellery, like animals, especially horses.

/ na: originally Sarolta was jewelery designer. One day she discovered digital photo manipulation and it became her main activity /  

NesoArt: What artists are you currently following ?

Sarolta:  There are various artists 

NesoArt:  Do you own or collect work by any of them ?

Sarolta: I have a picture from Akos Major

NesoArt:  how do you create ? what technique do you use and what equipment ?

Sarolta: I have a Nikon D3100, I shoot photos with it. I start to cut out the images and combine the elements into a picture. Usually I use up to 100 different layers for one picture.

/ 100 different layers, wow! /  

NesoArt: would you agree with the opinion, that using modern technology to create art / images is recourse to art itself ? 
Sarolta: It's an interesting idea, but if modern technology is just a tool to art, than tool is the least important thing in this relation. :)    

NesoArt: The place you will never forget.
Sarolta: Alhambra in Granada Spain and Balatonszepezd in Lake Balaton, Hungary.

/ Lake Balaton in Hungary - place to go! :D / 

NesoArt: Do you remember how did you start your trip with surrealistic images ?
Sarolta: The whole thing started when I had a picture from a house in Torino, I didn’t like the sky, so I grabbed one of my photos and changed it to a Hungarian sky. I was so delighted that I could do that. It makes me happy when I have an idea I can implement it to my picture.

NesoArt: What are you working on at the moment?  
Sarolta: New pictures. :)

NesoArt: Now something different. Do you like classic art ? Any Favourite classsic painters?
Sarolta: Yes, Michelangelo, Toulouse-Lautrec and many others.

NesoArt: Do you think it's possible to do art for a living nowadays :)  ?

Sarolta: Not really :)

NesoArt:  What is the Universe to you :)

Sarolta: This is a good question, can't find the correct answer at the moment.:)

We invite you to visit Sarolta's website and facebook profile. You can find there more fantastic and mindblowing images.

also check out Sarolta's interesting initiative in which she helps ownerless dogs

See you soon ;*
TH&Stary Van Dam Stary

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