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Trip With Beethoven and Nadja Jovanovic - Interview (english version)

TH&Stary Van Dam Stary

It took quite long time to do an interview with Nadja - very interesting Artist from Serbia. She was very busy because of making her first open space mural. (you can see the result somewhere below). But finally we made it!
We would like to invite you to acquaint with unique atmosphere of Nadja's paintings and drawings.

We started as usual:

Neso Art: What's the country of your origin and where do you live right now ? Do you think, place you currently live affects on the way you create your art ?

Nadja: I was born in80's, Serbia, then, still part of Yugoslavia. Currently , I live in Croatia. In my opinion, the way we express our selfs is influenced by varaety of factors. Our surroundings are definitely very influential, though in my case it is not so. Somehow I do not feel grounded to any particular place.

Neso Art: Do you like the place you live in ? 

Nadja: I do, even though it is not a dreamland regarding artistic oportunities .

Neso Art: Do you listen to music while you work?
Nadja:  Always, can't stand silence.

Neso Art: So do you have any favourites bands you like to work with ?
Nadja: I have 1000 favourite bands

NesoArt: ok, you can tell what have you listened recently :)
Nadja: Beethoven :)

/ then I smiled widely :) Few weeks ago I had very nice trip with Beethoven and mother nature and I tried the same with Nadja's painting aaaand...

... connecting Beethoven's music with Nadja's art is something worth to recommend :D /

Nadja:  One of my favourites are: Ravi Shankar. While Im working:  Laurie Anderson, Tom Waits, Sixto Rodriguez, Miles Davis, Mulatu astatke , Fela Kuti, John Conltrane and many others. 

Neso Art: Is there any reason you choose that subject of your artwork ? Is there any hidden meaning ?:)

Nadja:  The subject matter of my work is rooted in exploration of existential aspects like presence of individual in moment and time and projection of reality. I'm interested in transformational characteristics of mental image. The epicenter of my work is character, isolated from society, framed in constant questioning of reality, in constant dualism of conscious and unconscious, closed in personal perception. Process of creating an illusion interests me greatly. Pictures are manifestation of that illusion 


Neso Art: Do you find that your work typically comes out as you saw it in your mind’s eye or does it change as you are translating it to the page ?

Nadja: Every painting is a research. Imagine that your mind is creating an image from thousands of designated frames. That is an unconscious proses of course. Even if I have a pure idea of an image, it's constantly changing and developing. This implies deep deliberation, not including tecnical realization.

Neso Art: Do you have any interests besides Art ?

Nadja: Music, film, literature, but that is all art anyway.

Neso Art: What artists are you currently following?

Nadja: The great revelation was the work of Aleksandra Waliszewska.

/ we have to agree. Polish painter A. Waliszewska is truly intriguing revelation - one of her paintings below: /

Neso Art: Do you own or collect work by any artists?

Nadja:  Only few drawings from my friends.

Neso Art: how do you work ? what technique do you use  ?

Nadja: I use primarily oil and/or acrylic on canvas.  

Neso Art: Would you agree with the opinion, that using modern technology to create art is recourse to art itself ? 

Nadja:  Not at all. The idea is what's important. Realization is matter a of choice. Unfortunately there is no such technology that can change the global conciseness.

Neso Art: The place you will never forget.

Nadja: Atlantic ocean…….

Neso Art: Do you remember your first painting or drawing ? How did you start ?

Nadja:  As a child I used to draw in illustrated books, imagining that my drawings could change the way the story unfolds. I can't really remember my first painting or drawing. 

Neso Art: What are you working on at the moment? 

Nadja: Currently, I'm illustrating children's book. 

Neso Art: interesting... Can you tel us some more ?

Nadja: There is nothing much I can tell u about that... It is a story about the snow king telling stories to a little girl.. Quite inspiring book.

Neso Art: still sounds very interesting ;)

/ especially if we imagine Nadja's paintings atmosphere and children's book ;) We're looking forward to see the result ! / 

/ and here is another result of Nadja's work /

Neso Art: Do you like classic art ? Do you have favorite classic artists ?

Nadja:  Leonardo Da Vinci, Albrecht Durer, Hieronymus Bosch, Sandro Botticelli…. are some of my favorites.

/ Im wondering how could possibly look Hieronymus Bosch's illustrations for children :D / 

Neso Art: Do you think it's possible to do art for a living nowadays ?

Nadja:  Everything is possible. It does't mean it will happen over night. A lot of effort and above all patines is required.

/We ended as usual: /

Neso Art: what is universe to you ?

Nadja: universe - spaCe-time , energy, unknown ,undiscovered as our mind.....

Thanks a lot for your attention.

If you want to follow more Nadja's art you can visit her blog here.

TH&Stary Van Dam Stary

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