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11,5q to... Daniela Uhlig

TH&Stary Van Dam Starry

Daniela Uhlig is a German artist who "works in a big company where she creates designs, illustrations and graphic" In her spare time she does pretty the same.

We asked Daniela our 11,5q interview. Hope it will help you to get closer and better understand her as a person and as an artist ;)

Have a nice trip.

nesoart: Where are you from, where do you live right now?

Daniela: I was born in Potsdam and live now in Berlin.


nesoart:  Most interesting places you’ve ever been to?

Daniela: It was a abandoned psychiatric hospital in the middle of nowhere. Really creepy, but fascinating!

nesoart: Your top 5 artists of all times.

Daniela: boah that´s hard

-Rockin Jelly Bean
-Jon Foster
-Claire Wendling
-Tony Sandoval
-Alfons Maria Mucha

few examples

Jon Foster

Tony Sandoval

nesoart: Your top 5 movies of all times.


-Despicable me 1+2 (and I will love every sequel)

-7 pounds

-p.s. I love you (yeah I know -__- embarrassing.... but it makes me happy)


nesoart: Your top 5 musicians or bands of all times.

-Gin Wigmore

-Toad The Wet Sprocket 

-Eddi Vedder (Pearl Jam)

-Queens of the Stone Age

-System of a Down

nesoart: The most annoying thing to you?

nesoart: 3 lessons / advices for beginning artists

-if you wanna become a better artist, practice every day! you should always have a sketchbook with you.

-observe everything what you wanna draw and try to understand how it works

-meet other artist and exchange your experiences

nesoart: 5 websites you like to visit

-facebook (what a surprise)

-deviantart.com/cg-hub.com/conceptart.org etc


nesoart: How would you describe your art to a blind person?

Daniela: I try to capture everything what looks extremely pretty, special, characteristic etc...
hmm blabla... everything what could make my pictures a bit special, are the details.... I´m doing nothing new or different then other artist, just drawing pretty girls ....so there is nothing I could describe... it would just sound boring.

nesoart: What do you think about…

Daniela: what? religion? emancipation? flying spaghetti monster? sweets without  calories? omg that would be so amazing!!!

nesoart: Who would you probably be if you weren’t an artist?

Daniela: the pope... probably ;) I thing I would be a forensic pathologist or zookeeper or psychologist.

11,5 What is the Universe to you?

Daniela: ha, pretty big!  I still hope that aliens will kidnap me.... of course really smart aliens... and they will build up a new civilization with me and Ryan Gosling.

That was Daniela Uhlig. 

I so enjoyed her answers that I feel like it would be great to drink beer (or beers) with her and continue conversation ;) Hope you enjoyed too.

To see more Daniela's art 



See you soon ;*

TH&Stary Van Dam Starry

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