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Scott G. Brooks - Distorted Reality

THe Soul Reactor

Using a language that is easily understood,  I tell stories. I weave figures, symbols, and elements  together to create a narrative to share with an audience.

- Scott G. Brooks

Scott G. Brook's artistic style may suggest his american origin where people love twisted and surrealistic art as he does himself. A scheme in which you can find shocking content mixed with very good painting skills and intensity of details is something what the americans love in art and what you will easily find in art of this Washington based artist.

He creates mostly figurative paintings - from simple portraits to complex and intricate narratives filled with surrealism and loaded with disturbance.
Another thing that is worth to pay attention to is his unique sense of humour which is a background to more serious aspects such as psychology, politics or social issues.

"I use humor in my work and in real life as a way to cut through the uncomfortableness, both my own and that of other people. My humor can fall flat in both circumstances as well, but often it can put people at ease. Art with a capital “A” can be quite intimidating and take itself too seriously, so the humor in my work helps alleviate that. You asked earlier about things that are satisfying about my work, so I’ll add seeing people laugh aloud at my painting, fingers crossed that they’re laughing with and not at"

- fragment of interview for Beinart Collective / 25.02.2015

In his paintings Scott uses mostly oil on canvas technique in contrast to illustrations which is 100% digital. As he claims the key is to find a balance between light, volume and texture. The creative process itself comes down to experimenting, exploring, finding the right color, searching for the correct perspective or vanishing point.

Art is a reflection of our time and today, in the midst of the digital revolution, our perception is changing as well. The development of CGI, and it’s ability to synthesise “life” has  forced me to look deeper into how I use paint to represent “life”  - says Scott in his biography.

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