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Inside Artists Studio - Part 1

THe Soul Reactor

Artist's studio is his sanctuary. A place of contemplation where creative process becomes tangible and real. It sometimes happens that into this  paints and terpentine smelling place no mortal has access beside artist himself and apparent mess is actually the great order known only to the user of this place. 

Have a look to the first part of interesting artist studios - sometimes covered by mystery, sometimes legendary, sometimes hated but always with sacred significance for an artist.

Alexander Calder (1898 - 1976)

Born in Pennsylvania (USA). He was creating lyrical, suspended sculptures called "mobiles" and anthropomorphic exterior sculptures. 

His studio is a huge, spatial and well floodlit space with lofty ceiling.

Ron Mueck, b. 1958, Melbourne / Australia.

World renown artist Ron Mueck began his artistic career as a doll maker for children's television and for movies. His hyperrealistic sculptures show unidealised human beings. No matter if the sculputure is huge or small - it always take houndreds of hours to finish one.

Ron's studio looks like garage. Omnipresent tools, saws, lamps, boxes and large hang heads may be a little disturbing but I guess it's not significant for the artist as long as everything is within arm's reach.

Oscar Claude Monet (1840 - 1926), Francja

Monet's art are mostly colourful landscapes and figural scenes observed from the nature and compositions inspired by japaneese xylographs.

Monet's studio is a very cosy place with outstanding order and cleanliness. We can also notice characteristic old couch which appears on most photographs of artist's studio. Looking at it we can tell where Monet liked to sit ;)

Soon more interesting studios full of art;)

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