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Nadia Lee Cohen is an interesting example of a very young photographer who got lots of accolades thanks to instagram where she were publishing her works. Maybe regarding to the quality and uniqueness of her images, fame was destined her anyway. Nonetheless it shows us an interesting fact; the way to big artistic career is open to everyone who only has an idea, some patience and maybe a little bit of talent ;)

Nadia was appreciated mostly for her series called "100 naked women" inspired by 60's B movies. She merged it with surrealism, psychedelic, nudity and saturated with a big dose of sharp colours. To achieve the final effect she "borrowed" some elements from David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino and Larry Clark movies. That is the success recipe.

Another interesting thing that comes out from Nadia's photos is that she almost doesn't use male models. She says:

“I’m really into heavy melodramatic make-up and costume so I feel a little more restricted with men. Unless they’re drag queens of course, I love drag queens. Aside from that; I do enjoy working with men, I just tend to make them look like sweaty perverts when I do.”

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