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"I get inspiration from all things around me. Anything from things I see in my daily life to other artist’s work and music. I think it’s a lot about looking at the world from a different perspective. I get more inspiration from painters rather than photographers." 
- Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is Swedish - born photographer based in Prague and Berlin. He creates surprising, surreal worlds by combining images and using photoshop magic.

What I really like in Erik's work is that you can look at it over and over again and every time you will find something new. It shows how much effort is put into each single piece. Huge number of lyers, each image took by the artist himself, mockups, tricks and hours spent in a front of computer. You can check out Erik's work process in behind scene movies below:

As you can read on Erik's website: "he doesn't capture moments, he captures ideas. For him the goal is to make his work as realistic as possible." I think it tells us a lot about his approach and artistic sense. 


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