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MARTIN WITTFOOTH - Instinct Of Desire

Martin Wittfooth lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. b, 1981 in Toronto.

“Everywhere and at all times, we’ve been busy making things in our present for the simple purpose of communicating something, and thus sending messages into our future. What a peculiar habit. We’re the only species inhabiting this planet that routinely behaves this way, and there’s something really beautiful and profound about that.” —Martin Wittfooth

Martin was born in Toronto but spent most of his childhood in Finland. When he came back, he earned his BAA in Illustration from Sheridan College in 2003. After this he moved to New York where he earned his MFA at the School of Visual Arts and where he lives and works till now.

Martin has quite classical approach to art. He uses mostly oils and creates many paint layers on canvas, linen or wood panels.

"Classical oil paintings often have something really incredible trapped inside of them: a kind of time capsule into eras and the philosophies and social culture of past times, which only art can give us a genuine glimpse of. Many classical paintings echo this sentiment that artists throughout human history have doubtless always been aware of—that we all share an instinct or desire, for some reason, to alchemically process the reality of our senses and thoughts into some “object” that can be shared with one another"- he says.

Artist Gallery:

Cosmos On Canvas


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